Membership of the Sub-Group developing the Guidance on the Mental Health Order (N Ireland) Order 1986

Dr Maria McGinnity Sessional Psychiatrist, RQIA
Project Leads
Bernadette Hamilton ASW Programme Co-ordinator/Training and Development Consultant, BHSCT
Mary McClean Project Manager, RQIA
Desi Bannon Director of Adult Services, SEHSCT
Sharon Beattie Head of Strategic Partnerships, PSNI
Kathryn Booth GP Representative, HSC Board
Don Bradley Assistant Director, Adult Services, SEHSCT
Angela Carragher Associated Postgraduate Dean, NIMDTA
Marie Crossan Carer Representative, CAUSE
Patrick Convery Head of Mental Health & Learning Disability, RQIA
Martin Daly Service User - Mental Health, LAMP/BHSCT
Maurice Devine Nursing Advisor, DHSSPS
Robin Davidson Chairman, Operational Committee, GAIN
Caroline Donnelly Consultant Psychiatrist, RCPsych (NI)
Oscar Donnelly Director of Mental Health & Learning Disability, NHSCT
Grainne Doran Deputy Chair, RCGP (NI)
Mark Harvey Senior Consultant, BSO
Claire Loughrey Director Postgraduate GP Education, NIMDTA
Alphy Maginness Director, Legal Services, BSO
Victoria Martin Senior Consultant, BSO
Trevor Millar Director Adult Mental Health & Learning Disability, WHSCT
Mark McDonald Service User - Learning Disabilities
Paul McFaul Service User & Patient Advocate, BHSCT
Philip McGarry Chair, NI RCPsych
John McGeown Co-Director, Mental Health & Learning Disability, BHSCT
Ian McMaster Medical Officer, DHSSPS
Nora McNairney Manager, NI Division, RCPsych (NI)
Ronin McNally
Ronin McNally Consultant Psychiatrist, RCPsych (NI)
Ronnie Patterson Service User - Learning Disability
Nicola Porter Manager, GAIN
Sharman Quinn Carer Representative, CAUSE
Francis Rice Director of Mental Health & Learning Disability, SHSCT
Nigel Ruddell Assistant Medical Director, NIAS
Louise Sands General Practitioner, RCGPNI
Peter Sloan Locum Consultant Psychiatrist, RCPsych (NI)
Ian Sutherland Assistant Director Mental Health & learning Disability, SHSCT
Catherine Taggart Consultant Psychiatrist, BHSCT
Administrative Support
Clare Jennings Regional Clinical Audit Facilitator, GAIN
Catherine LeGuiniec Personal Assistant, GAIN
Lisa Losty Administrative Support, RCPsych (NI)
Dalrene Masson Regional Clinical Audit Facilitator, GAIN
Nora McNairney Manager, RCPsych (NI)
Doris Patton Personal Assistant, RQIA
E-Learning Modules
David Jago Director of Publications & Website Dept, RCPsych
Rian Douthwaite On-Line Content Editor, RCPsych
Audio Clips
Kathryn Cousins Psychiatrist, RCPsych (NI)
Glenn Houston Chief Executive, RQIA
Liz Main Communications & PR Consultant, RCPsych (NI)
Boris Pinto Psychiatrist, RCPsych (NI)
Patient Pathway Flowchart
Laurence Burke Consultant Physician, BHSCT
Geraldine Byers A&E Nurse Consultant, BHSCT
Garvin McKnight Specialist Nurse, Forensic LD Services, BHSCT
Bronwen Robinson Information Records Support Manager, BHSCT
Informal Support
To the many other colleagues, including those from The Mental Health Review Tribunal (NI) and the Office of Care and Protection, who have assisted in the production of this guideline, we greatly value your help and support.